Posted by: Kristy | February 27, 2009

What would PETA say?

Talk about unusual headwear.

As a former aspiring fashion reporter and a recently inducted member of the cosmetology/fashion/hair design industry anything creative and quirky and eccentric fascinates me — especially if it has anything to do with popular culture or the like.

So when this came to my attention today I lost no time in printing pages of color copies and sending the link to people on Google chat with “Check this out! Really, do it!”

My initial response: “What the hell?”

Followed with: “That’s AMAZING!”


Apparently this is from Japan and I found nothing, really, about the artist, but man is it beautiful. And more than a little creepy.

I can hear the orders for prom hair: “Yes, I think having a horse attached to my head as part of my updo would really compliment my gown. Thanks!”

WAY more than a little creepy. But totally captivating.



  1. okay that’s just plain WTF response inducing!

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