Posted by: Kristy | April 22, 2010

Break out the deodorant and Chardonnay


I have fallen delinquent to my faithful patronage of my Google Reader RSS feeds and, therefore, missed an an incredibly important announcement.

An announcement of epic proportions.

An announcement in the vein of going on a date with David Lyons or starring as Galinda in the feature film version of  “Wicked.” (The “ga” is silent. 🙂 )

Jen Lancaster’s book tour for “My Fair Lazy” is coming to Ohio.

*cricket* *cricket*



I said, people, that one of my favorite authors is visiting a bookstore only two hours from my home. Yeah. Two hours.

Oh my gosh. Do you see the rainbows in the background and the puppies tussling at my feet because that is what May 12 day will be made of,  my friends.

I’ve been waiting through book tours for THREE BOOKS for this to happen. (I didn’t get hooked until “Bright Lights, Big Ass” was coming out.)

So exciting. SO EXCITING.

You wanna know what I bet happens?

I bet I get there, thrust out my copy of “My Fair Lazy” and sputter, “Hi, Jen, my name’s Kristin. I interviewed you via phone for my newspaper when ‘Such a Pretty Fat’ was coming out and at one point* I stuttered and was afraid I made a fool of myself and it was simultaneously the best and most nerve-racking interview of my life. Will you sign my book?”

Nah, I have enough faith in my mad not-being-an-idiot skills that it’ll just be a really fun trip. I’m totally planning on joining the masses of other snarky, sweating, white wine spitting gals in the Dayton area for a little reading and a lot of laughter. I just hope the laughter won’t be directed at me … I’ll be the short one in big heels trying not to make a fool of myself. 😉

* OK, multiple points. Gosh. Can’t a girl retain any dignity?

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