The Scoop

Some things are just indisputable in this life, including:

• No matter what my career at any given time, I will never completely stop being a member of the media.

• I love strong coffee, full-bodied wine, sweet tea, cute shoes, thunderstorms, Thai food, British humor, cuddling, musical theater and losing myself in books.

• I strongly dislike soda (unless my tummy’s sick), oatmeal raisin cookies, being cold and wet, Cool Whip and people who are perpetually negative or who are fake.

• I apologize in advance but I will secretly judge your grammar. We editor types are finicky like that. (Said as I totally realize I lack perfection in this area. So, if you want, you can secretly judge my grammar. And then we’ll be even. 🙂 )

• I have a mixture of ice water and newspaper ink running through my veins instead of blood. I am always, always cold and generally full of random information and news tidbits.

• My favorite colours are emerald green  — well, really just green in general — and black/white for clothes.

• Yes, I am only 5 feet tall. Yes, that is short, I know. I like being little. The term is space-efficient, get it right, please. (Har har.)

• I get excited. I mean really excited, complete with crazy hand gestures. Often. About varied and often random things, events and people. Some people might call me high-strung. I prefer “zealous.”

• The glass is half-full, ok? Try to see it that way, you might like it.

• Ballroom dance is the ultimate contact sport. It is my absolute favorite form of artistic expression.

• Loving someone is often scary. And sometimes sad. But always worth it

• Someday I will own a micro-mini wiener dog and his name will be Earnie. Excuse me, a micro-mini, short-haired, black wiener dog with a snout and floppy ears. And his name will be Earnie.

• I blog because I no longer write for a living. And I can’t NOT write. It’s neurologically and emotionally impossible for me.

• I’m not materialistic by any means, but if I were and could splurge on two frivolous, meaningless possessions, they would be a Louis Vuitton handbag and a pair of Jimmy Choo heels. I’m just saying.

• I don’t understand God. I don’t always know what it really means to follow him. I don’t always do a good job at that. But I do love him.


  1. Two things:
    1) I’m super happy you said “soda” and not “pop”. Even though you totally would be correct in this geographic area to say “pop”, I’m still glad you said “soda”. It reminds me of home.
    2) You forgot a period at the end of your spat on frivolities. (I mainly just want credit for having read all the way to the bottom.)

  2. Thanks, Dave. I fixed it. 😉 And mad props for reading to the end. Do you want a cookie? 🙂

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