Posted by: Kristy | March 10, 2011

Time for an adventure Kristin and God style!

OK, so remember how in my first post of the year I mentioned this is a year of change and opportunity and adventure?

Well, three months in to 2011 and the adventure has been INSANE. To update you:

I am completing the first two items on my to-do list for 2011 — I’m moving and I am doing freelance work again.

An opportunity presented itself to relocate to Los Angeles for 12 weeks and pursue some sweet, crazy awesome action while still working remotely with my current job. I may come back to Ohio in May. I may stay in the land of the “freak show,” as The Boy and I call it.

As I can to fill in the details I will, but needless to say I am freaking excited!

I also had a column published in a recent monthly business publication and it looks like that could become a regular option, too. That’s just the start of the freelance writing snowball; there are some other pieces in the works.

I feel so … aggressive. I decided I wanted to do something, made a plan and started implementing it. So far it’s been scary and emotional and difficult but through the past 2.5 months I have watched God slam doors in my face and knock down walls behind me. It’s been surreal and crazy, but tons of fun! It helps that I have an amazing, phenomenal support system, including but not confined to my parents and The Boy. (He needs a better nickname than that … hmmmmm.)

As my adventure approaches I also have been re-evaluating other aspects of life and I’ve decided that this here blog needs a facelift.

I need to refocus and go back to purpose and consistency. I still want to talk about how life constantly is in flux and how I cannot do it on my own — I need Someone to continue developing me and changing me as I learn to go with the flow of life.

I’m thinking a new name may be in order, and definitely a new look. (A new look is in the works but wont’ be revealed for a bit.)

To that end …… any suggestions for a new name?! I’m going to be blogging and vlogging from the road (I finally broke down and bought a Flip camera, yay!), as well as chronicling the adventures of a fashion-crazy, grammar-obsessed, spastic and goofy girl from Ohio as she tackles the insanity of building a life in L.A.-L.A.-L.A.ND. I’m open to opinions!

Talk to me. I’m begging ya. 😉

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