Posted by: Kristy | February 25, 2009

Because God’s hip like that

Today’s the first day of Lent. Now, that doesn’t really mean anything to me since I don’t give anything up for Lent per say (I’d rather think of the entire year as 365 days to get closer to God), but it made me ponder.

Returning to a previous post (I told  you we’d go deeper at some point!) I was thinking about how I connect with God.

The cartoon in that post said, “I would consider following Christ if he were on Twitter.” Now that’s just funny. It also is a great analogy for how I — and, I know, some of those around me — do follow Christ. This can be good; it can be not so good. Take your pick.

I like the idea of connecting with God in a minute-by-minute way.

Hey, God, here’s a brief update of my day. Yeah. Here’s another 10 minutes later. Let me share the mundane details of my day with you. Please listen to my snarkiness. Hi, God! It’s Kristin! Pay attention to my rambling!

This is a lot of how I do connect with God, actually. I consider a relationship to be a relationship, and this one is as intimate as you can get when relating with a diety. I WANT God to be involved in every aspect of my life. I clear off the front seat in my car when I’m driving (or ask him to please, if it’s not too much bother, hold my briefcase and loose papers? Thanks, God!) so we can chat … like he’s the passenger, just chillin’ on my commute with me.

I know that God is all-powerful and worthy of fear and so on, but I also believe he is interested in the details of our lives. And if he’s going to be hanging out in my office as I make telephone calls and design graphics and such I may as well talk to him. Keep him in the loop. LIKE HE’S ON TWITTER.

I think the not-so-good can come when that’s the ONLY way we connect with God. “Hey, God, I don’t have a ton of time to spend actually relating to you. So I’ll fire off updates in 140 characters every once in a while. If you want to follow me, cool. I’ll follow your updates and you can shoot me a holla on occassion. Deal?”

A relationship that does not make.

But I think it would be flippin’ amazing if Christ had Twitter! We could be Twitter buddies. And he could literally update me on what’s up. Because, let’s be honest, I love to pray. I love it. I adore talking to God and do that so much more than reading the Bible. The Bible is just tough for me. I’d rather TALK. And LISTEN. And I know God speaks through external means such as people, and the Bible, and circumstances. But sometimes I just want a note. Doesn’t have to be hand-written. An e-mail or instant message would suffice.

But Twitter? That would almost be too good to be true!



  1. I’m with you. In my church, we call that “praying always”. I love to say a quick prayer of thanks when I see a gorgeous spring day, or something a cute kid in my Primary class does makes me laugh, or someone does something nice for me or whatever. I think it’s appropriate to thank Him, and it keeps me closer to Him.

  2. […] one believes me when I say we’re dorky. me:  so, anyway if you’re twittering with God and you and he start talking about me not having a nervous breakdown …. that would be […]

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