Posted by: Kristy | April 20, 2010

Writer’s Workshop: Reason No. 1 moving back home was a good idea

This week, one of Kathy’s prompts from Mama Kat’s weekly Writer’s Workshop struck me as so perfect it was like she had a video into my office when she wrote it.

3.) What is the joy in your present moment?

My joy in the present moment is curled up on my lap sleeping while I answer e-mails and make telephone calls.

Every Tuesday and Thursday my SIL comes to the Academy to work and sometimes … every so often … she brings my nephew with her. When he comes to visit, he tends to lay on a blanket in her office with “Elf” playing in the background. (Smiling is his favorite.) Or he plays with his toes and squeals when he notices that, yes, indeed, there are five attached to each foot. Very often he goes for a walk with his mom, or me or another staff member and flirts with all of the students.

“Hey, ladies, nice haircut. You want to cut my hair? I have three whole tufts now, check it ouuuuuut.”

How you doin'?

But my favorite times? Are when he comes to visit Aunt Kristin in my office. We talk and giggle and play and I find ways to convince myself that, oh my gosh, look! I made him smile! He did. He smiled at ME! All because he recognizes me. That’s right, you recognize your Aunt Kristin don’t you? Yes you do! Why’s that? Because you. Are. AWESOME! Mmmhmm, you’re the most handsome, awesome little boy EVER!”

He just grins. Maybe because of gas. But maybe because he loves me, too.

Someday in the not so far future I will move a couple hours away. I’ll start a different facet of my job or even a new job. The Boy and I will continue building a life that is separate from our families who still live in the city where we grew up. And we’ll be happy. I’m so excited to be in the same zip code as him. Crazy little thing called love.

However, for right now it is opportunities like this — to cuddle with and coo over and give kisses to this precious baby boy — that have made moving back to Toledo worth the sacrifice. Trust me, there was sacrifice in coming back up here. But I’m not sorry I did. At all.

On the contrary — I love it.

That’s right.

This little guy.

Right here.

He’s my buddy. Seeing him is the best part of my workday. Or any day, for that matter.



  1. What a sweet post.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s workshop.

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