Posted by: Kristy | March 11, 2010

Comic chuckles

Just a little Thursday typography humor for you, courtesy of

Makes me want to go design an A1 page or something.

I’m dorky enough that this ellicited genuine laughter when I first saw it. And I proceeded to blog about it. At least I know SOME people will think it’s funny. Erin. The Beast Girl. Maybe. I hope.

I’ll go crawl back under my geeky page designer rock now. See you soon.



  1. I totally laughed aloud when I read this and then saw your comment to me! w00t! Tammy Typer would also enjoy this post! We may or may not have created this: a few nights ago…

  2. I must admit I totally use Papyrus more than I probably should. It’s not a strong font at all but it looks so nice!

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