Posted by: Kristy | January 27, 2010

Oh, it hurts. It huuuuurts.

A local TV station today posted on its Web site an Associated Press story about two defendants pleading guilty in a federal racketeering case. (Click here for story)

The story’s nutgraph contained the following sentence:

Forty-7-year-old Ohio resident Donald Massey Jr. and 50-year-old Stephen J. Bailey from St. Albans entered the pleas Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Charleston.

Maybe the world of copy editing has changed since 18 months ago — except I have all the changes in my two, count them, TWO, trusty new-edition Associated Press Style Manuals — but the first word of that sentence made me cringe. Then I cried. Then I blogged.

Thus is my system for dealing with intellectual pain.

Oh, Associated Press. I adore you. I revere you. Why, AP, why?

It’s like I just found out Mother Theresa had a secret love affair.

(And no, I’m never dramatic, why do you ask?)

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