Posted by: Kristy | October 5, 2009

The efficient bird gets my tweets

I’m in the process of streamlining my social networking to be most effective.

Also, I just like playing with new gadgets and software. The Boy is rubbing off on me in that regard.

I’m a bit tired of having eleventy billion tabs opened up in my Firefox browser all day: Facebook, two Twitter accounts, a Flickr account, Gmail, Gmail Reader, Gmail Calendar … my little eyeballs start bouncing back and forth like they’re in a game of Dodgeball by the end of the day!

So I started with TweetDeck and Twhirl. Granted, I’ve been using them for about a nano second each … so stay tuned for the pros and cons of each. There also are other formats that allow you to use multiple Twitter accounts and add in other social networking accounts, such as Facebook, so you’re interfacing with all of them at once. I like that. I’m all about streamlined efficiency.

I found One Forty, a cornucopia of Twitter applications. After I give TweetDeck and Twhirl a … whirl … I’ll definitely prowl One Forty for the next heavy weight contenders.

Stick around for score updates. Also, please feel free to share applications you’ve found useful in Operation Use Fewer Open Windows.

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