Posted by: Kristy | August 13, 2009

Writer’s Workshop: Grab the smelling salts and a fan, dahling

Let me clear the air for a moment.

1) Hi. Hi, hi HI!!!!

2) I’m still alive. In case any of you were wondering.

3) Life’s been a bit busy. And slightly uninspired. But not boring. Oh, no, not boring at all.

Lately I am stuck in a holding pattern of work, working out, work, talking to The Boy, work, spending time with family, work, driving to visit The Boy, work, hanging out with girl friends, work, missing The Boy, work, a little dancing, work, plotting ways to move to Columbus, work, reading, work, work and finally causing The Boy any amount of concern and inconvenience. OK, maybe not inconvenience. But I thought it might be fun to give him and my parents (and myself, of course) a little scare and continue having health problems.

So nice of me, no?

Which brings me to this week’s Writer’ Workshop. Oh, how I have missed you, Writer’s Workshop. Thanks to Mama Kat there are a couple of topics that make my little fingers itch to fly over my keyboard again.

The prompt: Your trip to the ER … spill it.

I didn’t quite make it to the ER, so this is the dish about how I AVOIDED a trip to the ER. Because that’s how I roll.

It all began innocently enough.

Remember that little communication issue my brain and my heart had last fall? And how my physician told me to start taking blood pressure medicine to increase my blood pressure and hopefully get rid of those pesky dizzy spells and avoid such fun as randomly passing out? And how I said, “I am 25 years old. There is no way in hell I am taking heart medicine.”

Yeah, so that was a bad idea on my part.

Because since November when all of this started I still have been feeling like poo. A big, fat pile of American Quarter Horse fresh, smelly, steaming poo.

Sure, things became better emotionally and I told myself I was less stressed. And sure my dizzy spells decreased and I was eating more regularly and I was happy more often than I was sad. And I just thought I would learn to live with being freaking tired all the time and having my arms and legs get all light and weak on occasion and sometimes being dizzy and wanting to throw up over nothing.

And then the insomnia started. After nearly four months of listening to me be miserable, The Boy finally said “PLEASE GO TO THE FREAKING DOCTOR AGAIN.”

So I did. And actually talked about my fears regarding medication. And she put me on something else that wasn’t going to mess with my heart too much. And holy crap but it worked! I felt great. I was so much happier, and feeling more like myself than I had in forever. It was fantastic!

Until Sunday.

When I fount myself lying on the pavement in a Columbus metropark parking lot moments after a leisurely, calm, well-hydrated Sunday afternoon walk. Staring up in a dazed confusion at a very concerned pair of beautiful brown eyes and from very far away heard The Boy saying, “Kris? Kris, it’s OK. You passed out.”


Apparently the meds aren’t working that well. So it’s back to the brainstorming room to figure something else out.

Because as much fun as it is suddenly getting super hot and feeling like I’m going to vomit and not being able to concentrate on a conversation and wanting to DIE to get away from the not being able to breathe feeling, and as much as I love scaring my boyfriend and being embarrassed and feeling weak for two days straight and having a huge lump on the back of my head where it connected with Westerville blacktop, it’s not a scene I would like to repeat too often. It makes it less special.

I ended up recovering in a friend’s air conditioned house, not the back of a Westerville Fire Department ambulance.

Not from lack of us calling them.

Just from lack of them even freaking responding.

So, just FYI, if you decide to have a medical emergency in the Columbus area, you might want to avoid Westerville. But only if you want assistance.

I was thinking that maybe my little adventure was completely unrelated to anything physiological. As The Boy’s coworker said the next day, maybe I was just overcome by the beauty of the park.

Or my grandma suggested I was busy swooning over The Boy.

Good call, Grandma. Good call.


  1. You’re grandma sounds amazing

  2. So sorry! Wish it was from swooning, but not likely. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. swooning. ha! sorry, hun. i hope you can get this figured out soon. what if it happened while you were driving? tell THE BOY hi from me!

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