Posted by: Kristy | June 26, 2009

The man? Creepy. But iconic. The music? Always be a Thriller.

Sooo, Michael Jackson was never at the top of my iPod’s “Most Played” list.

He fell more toward the bottom of the middle, where my well-loved but not to-die-for dance music lives.

I’ll admit, I made fun of him and was weirded out by him and to this day refuse to watch “Free Willie” because of his music video at the beginning. And consider me heartless, I’m not really moved to any emotion by his death.

THE MAN CREEPED ME OUT. Especially in the later years of his life. You know, when he dangled babies over balconies and veiled his children and allegedly shared beds with 12-year-olds.

The thought of a world without Michael Jackson (or Farrah Fawcett … what’s with people dying yesterday?! SO SAD) doesn’t make me wail and gnash my teeth. I am sad that two families are without people they love. Death bites. Separation hurts when it’s from loved ones.

But mostly? What I loved about MJ was his dancing and his music. A fact I remember every time I teach a dance lesson and cue up “The Way You Make Me Feel” to get some West Coast swing action going.

I am a news addict, so I’ve been reading all of the articles on his death, his life and, most importantly, his music. And ya know what? I didn’t realize exactly how much of his music I really, really like.

I’m reading these discography lists and such and a huge chunk of my childhood can be played with a Jacko soundtrack. He sang and crotch-grabbed and bee-bopped his way into a permanent side filter for my adolescents.

So, for THAT, Jacko, I thank you. The Jackson Five you.

Jackson at age 12.

Jackson at age 12.

The you circa 1972. The Thriller from 1983.  The genius, non-alarming you. My iPod thanks you. My dance shoes thank you.

Michael and LaToya dancing. This photo makes me smile.

Michael and LaToya dancing. This photo makes me smile.

(Photos courtesy of the New York Daily News.)

You did bring us the moonwalk, after all.



  1. agreed.

  2. Well said.

  3. Well said,
    only I don’t think he really was a freak. I never had doubts on the molestation trials, but I did had them about his skin. After his death I learned a lot about MJ, and learned that he really had that skin disease. I do think he was emotionally very disturbed, but he was not crazy.

    I learned from MJ not to judge from the outside.

    Most people are sad about his life, not his death.

    Anyway, I think MJ was the best musician we have ever seen and more importantly a humanitarian.

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