Posted by: Kristy | June 25, 2009

Writer’s Workshop: Like the hockey equipment, not the tires

I plan my life so each day of the week has something to which I can look forward. Monday — dance; Tuesday — night off; Wednesday — Bible study-slash-time with Amber; Thursday — “Burn Notice” and being one day closer to Friday; Friday — well, being Friday … and so on.

Wednesdays also are Writer’s Workshop days. I so look forward to Writer’s Workshop days. Thanks, Mama Kat!

The Prompts: Write a poem for the little boy in your life. (Inspired by Life With Kaishon)

Already the next “Great One”
By Kristin

Three months

That’s how long you’ve been on my mind.
Less than 12 weeks ago your daddy called
To tell me you were coming our way.

It already feels so long ago.

A few weeks later I heard your name for the first time
“Cooper James, if it’s a boy,” your mommy said with a grin
rubbing her belly out of a quickly developed habit
a nervous tic that will have become second nature
by the time you’re ready to meet us all.

We’re still not 100 percent sure you’re you
and not Olivia Jo.

If you turn out to be Olivia
I will buy you shoes
and then some more
(a girl can never have enough shoes)
take you on girly outings
listen to you gush about boys
come to dance recitals
and softball games
and find ways to be in your life
loving you
loving you
and loving you more

But if you’re Cooper
Know from the beginning
that your dad will make sure you play sports
(probably hockey, maybe baseball, hopefully never basketball or soccer)
and I’ll do my best to be there cheering
I’ll even buy the photo button
and pin it to my team-colored scarf
and come to dance recitals
(like how I threw that one in?)
and tease you about girls
and snicker when you roll your eyes and guffaw “whatever”
during the terrible teens
and reem you out when you do something stupid
but in the next breath stick up for you with your folks

and find ways to be in your life
loving you
loving you
and loving you more

God and I talk about you
we talk about you a LOT
even though you’re just a little peanut
well, the size of a large pear,
or so I’m told.

Just so you know
when you decide to join this big scary world
there are a LOT of people
who plan to be around
to do what we can to protect you from this big scary world
loving you
loving you
and loving you more

That day in December?
When you choose to grace us with your tiny presence?
I’ll be the one who probably gets to hold you, like, eighth
(you have quite the crew jostling for dibs on cuddle rights
and you’re still just a jumble of connective tissue. feel special, kid.)
But I’ll be there.
I’ll be the one laughing
and saying, “Oh, wow” over
and over.

I’ll always have gum
and will proofread every paper
from kindergarten through master’s thesis
and I’ll try to emit a crazy cool vibe
and not just a crazy vibe

And no matter what
I’ll be one of the ones
who’s just a phone call away
and loves flying in planes
and driving in cars
and even running,
if that will get me to you fastest,
and always will be here
loving you
loving you
and loving you more.

— Aunt Kristin



  1. You sound like a marvelous aunt!

  2. wow. That is beautiful. You had me tearing up.

    thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  3. you will be a great aunt! and the names (both of them) are so cute! and hanging out-wise, let’s see… i’m leaving on Friday at some ungodly hour, so this week is shot (my house needs cleaned, my dad’s wedding present needs finished, i have to get stuff ready to go and get ahead on schoolwork, and oh yeah, i’m still sick.) sorry. but i love you muchly. the week of the 13th i’m yours whenever you want me. just let me know.

  4. […] when I first found out my sister-in-law was preggers? Or when I tried to write Cooper a letter about how excited we were? I never imagined the amazing little dude who was coming to fill our […]

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