Posted by: Kristy | June 22, 2009

Driving home at 6 a.m. Blaring Kelly Clarkson. Having a spaz attack (in a crazy, surreal way). Good times.


today i’d like to go back

back in time to this day in 2007

and tell the girl lying on her couch at 3 a.m.



calling mom on the drive work

hiccuping and stammering over and over

“i know it’s for the best but it still su-u-ucks”

(for 20 minutes)

going through a tough friday of multiple deadlines

trying not to cry (well, cry harder)

having her hair chopped off

(and learning the breakup haircut is generally a BAD idea)

going for months with a fluctuating water level in her eyes

and learning so many, many lessons

some good and some very, very hurtful

that in two years she completely will understand

that God is always, always working in the larger picture of life.

I wouldn’t believe me then

but it’s so true.

for every facet of life.

after this last year

and everything that’s gone down

I totally believe me now.

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