Posted by: Kristy | June 17, 2009

Writer’s Workshop: Oh, you know, fame. Fortune. The delusion of friends.

Since I enjoy talking (CLEARLY), especially about (my) life, I’m totally taking this chance to hold y’all captive and answer a second Writer’s Workshop prompt.

You can all thank Mama Kat for this chance for gratuitous self-promotion and walk down Memory Lane.

The prompt: Tell us about your blogline … how long have you been blogging, when did you start, what were or are your goals for your blog, etc. (Inspired by Corn)

The Princess and the Printing Press: A Love Story
By Kristin

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Kristin.

I mean a very little girl. A shrimp. People made fun of her for it. She went on to become a pretty sweet gymnast. They still make fun of her. So she just wears super tall shoes and competes in ballroom dance and could run a marathon in 3-inch stilettos. (Bet they can’t do cross-over breaks in 3-inch tall strappy sandals.) And dates a super cute short guy. So, yeah, in their faces.

Ahem. Anyway.

Kristin loved words. Her mom read to her while she was still gestating and the girl pretty much came out reciting Hamlet’s monologue. Talk about obsessed with books; she was one of those silly girls who devoured library books by the book bag load on a weekly basis, loved the days when orders were due for Scholastic Book Club in school, and read books in the car by the headlights of other cars. (Which would help explain why she now is blind as a bat without her contacts.)

So it only makes sense that when the fifth-grade job fair came around where students dressed up in and did a presentation on their chosen profession, Kristin said she wanted to be a chemist when she grew up.

Yep. A chemist.

Except Mrs. Roberts’ chemistry class junior year of high school pretty much 86ed that idea. But by that time our little word-lover had fallen truly, madly and deeply in like with the German language. So the new plan was to attend Butler University in Indiana and pursue German Business Studies.

When Butler didn’t offer as much money in scholarships as the hometown safety school, our heroine shifted gears to stay at home and pursue international marketing with a minor in German. Until that pesky accounting class fall semester of sophomore year, when Miss. Over-Achieving Honors Student decided to take her C and get the hell out. The fact that she was so terribly unhappy she cried enough to cause the Maumee River to flood that fall is completely irrelevant. So she buried her nose in the latest issue of the (proudly independent and student-run) school newspaper to distract her from her lack of enjoyable and passion-filled options for a career.

Where she found her lifeline in an advertisement.

“Models wanted for spring break! Get paid to party!”

Oh, wait, wrong ad.

“The IC is looking for writers! Call the office and ask for Zac.”

Oh, no, never, she thought to herself. No one would ever want to publish what I write. I just do that for fun. Also, my dad wouldn’t respect me anymore. Ho-hum, should I try education? Engineering? Human resources?

Oh, wait. Journalism. Brilliance.

So let’s just say that the best 20th birthday present Kristin could have given herself was to sign the papers to change her major and begin her path toward a career as an idealistic, stressed out but happy starving newspaper editor. Who really didn’t even starve that much. Because God’s a rock star and always provides.

One bachelor’s degree, a new direction and a ton of confidence later, Kristin found herself working first as a general assignment reporter, then lead page designer, then assistant managing editor at a small newspaper a few hours from home. It was bliss. Until the time for a change came three years later.

However, the economy decided to go to pot and her industry decided to go through a midlife crisis when this need for change reared its ugly head. So she took a great job in the fashion industry encouraging passion in students, the same way professors (you know who you are Joe Clark, Tim Geiger, Dr. K and Dr. Many) encouraged her passion for beautiful, beautiful words.

The only problem?

A severe lack of writing beautiful, beautiful words.

Enter this blog.

Which brings us to today. Today, Kristin blogs like it is manna in the desert. She began slightly less than a year ago, in August, when her tenure at the little community newspaper drew to a close. The beginning goals included giving her an outlet by which to analyze and comment on world happenings, and turned into a virtual minefield of creative exploration. A place to practice humour writing, a place for commentary, a place for sharing trends and views on popular culture. A place to practice and to develop a voice, because eventually the plan is to find a way back into journalism. And to do that, a smart writer will be prepared for how the industry looks when the dust settles.

Also, the primary goal is to entertain you. (“Let me entertain you.” … Robbie Williams? Anyone? No?)

For the record? I absolutely love it.

Thanks for sticking around.



  1. okay, so i thought i posted a comment earlier, but i guess not. having issues. i didn’t realize when i scheduled time with you that my grandma was having surgery this week, but she was. and i’m on the night shift when she comes home, which is this weekend sometime. so i’m terribly sorry, but we either have to reschedule or do something saturday day-time…
    sorry sorry sorry!

  2. You definitely entertained me! Thanks for leaving me a comment.

  3. Oh my! What a great story! I haven’t been here before but I love how you write. Thanks for visiting today. Am very jealous that you could run a marathon in high heels! Very, very jealous.

  4. You have such wonderful writing. Great post.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

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