Posted by: Kristy | June 8, 2009

Fred and Ginger we are not.

These are the kind of late-night conversations that make me laugh into the silence of my living room and wish the weekend started, like, yesterday. Because electronic communication devices become old quickly. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t move across the country.

I give you: Dan and Kristin when they’re too lazy to pick up the telephone and resort to instant messaging.

Kristin: OK. So try to follow this, lol. So i’m watching “On the Town” with Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly …

Dan: lol, oook
Kristin: and my first thought is, “I love musicals” and then I kept going and decided yet again that I simply was born in the wrong era. I need to curl my hair and put on a pillbox hat and a swingy skirt and break into a tap dance every other minute and then I started lamenting the downfall of society.

Dan: You’re too funny

Kristin: Oh, you won’t think I’m funny in a minute. And that whole idea of entertainment is virtually dead these days. And it’s very, very sad. Because, clearly, i’m 25 going on 80.
So, my conclusion was
please, please please you have to let me teach you to foxtrot.
The end
Dan: LOL. Now you’re very funny.
He laughs now. But we shall see, my friends. 😉 We shall see.
Cue Bobby Darrin and Frank Sinatra.

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