Posted by: Kristy | June 3, 2009

Hey, cougarin’ is ‘in’

Sooooooo, I was just taking a few minutes on lunch with some other Twilight-lovin’ ladies to discuss how the “New Moon” trailer makes our mouths water more and more every time we watch it, having a good old-fashioned adolescent giggle-fest when Taylor Lautner’s age was brought to my attention.

Holy crap, really? No way!

So I ran to (one of the best Hollywood stalking sites eva) and, yep, it’s true.

Boy may be hella fine but he also? Is 17.

Years old.

I feel so …. dirty.

Annnnnd, I’m over it. Still hanging his poster in my locker next to Edward.




  1. haha… love your title. and hey, i’m here again. i took a leave of absence for awhile. school is kicking my butt! but i’m here. girl time?

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