Posted by: Kristy | May 12, 2009

The only thing to do is laugh. And pretend it’s a foil crown.

Scene: A hairdressing academy where at times the students use certain cute, willing suckers administrators a guinea pigs for various services.

Today one of our third-level students needed to use me as a colour model. She decided to give me all-over colour and highlights using an advanced colour technique they recently learned. Hey, I’m game. No problem.

And, of course, it took a little longer than anticipated since I was the first person on whom she practiced the technique. No biggie. I just work while the colour’s processing and such. I even scheduled my appointments so she wouldn’t feel rushed to finish me, and my paperwork doesn’t mind if I look like a drowned rat with splotches of violet goo attached to my head.


At no point did I anticipate our receptionist coming into my office with an apologetic smile and say, “Is there any way you can come out here? There’s a girl who walked in and I tried but she has so many questions and I CAN’T ANSWER THEM.”

So I invited her into my office, sat down with her and had a lovely conversation about her potential future with our academy …

as sweetly and professionally as possible  …

with foils in my hair, what hair was exposed covered in gooey colour and a colour cape covering my super cute dress.

The best part was when our director peeked in my door, saw what was happening and doubled over laughing. Yeah. Yeah, I know how ridiculous I looked. THIS is how committed I am to my job.

Sigh. 🙂

The good part is it resulted in an appointment with her to apply later in the week and my colour looks superb.



Superb. 🙂


  1. haha.. the perils of your job, i guess. glad it worked out, and yes, your color does look superb! can’t wait to hang out either. i don’t have any munchie necessities. i’m game for whatever. yay! i’m excited!

  2. You look fabulous!

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