Posted by: Kristy | May 8, 2009

It’s rough, let me tell ya

Yesterday was a ridiculously productive day. Lots of returned telephone calls, a bajillion e-mails and coordinating various Academy happenings. Following up on three new leads and setting appointments with very excited prospective students.

I just happened to do all of it while looking at this:

-Media Card-BlackBerry-pictures-IMG00017

Mom, Dad, Matt and Britt and I are in Tampa, Fla., to visit old friends and attend a wedding. Yeah, one of my surrogate little brothers is getting married — not sure how I feel about that! Seeing as how I only want all of my hockey boys from days gone by to have nothing short of the best, but I’m sure Alan snagged himself a heck of a girl. 🙂

It’s warm. I’ve already read half of both the books I brought. I’m soaking up hours of Vitamin D. I’ve only managed to sunburn the backs of my knees — go figure. Did I mention it’s warm?

And even though I have a massive guilt complex about not actually being in the office, I really pretty much have embraced the idea of bringing the office with me. Laptop, check. Bulging file folder of leads to follow up, check. And thank GOD for my Blackberry.

Now, excuse me, I’m going to have a mango daiquiri and make some calls. It’s a hard life, but I’m managing.


  1. must be nice:) dinner at your place on the 15th sounds great, by the way. what can i bring?

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