Posted by: Kristy | May 6, 2009

A weiner of a blog

Today I was driving to an appointment, thinking about blogging (My mind is a virtual minefield of scary randomness. Seriously. Scary.) and how I introduced Shout Out Saturdays and then became lax in following through. I blame being busy.

Weak sauce, I know.


The very afternoon I was thinking about which awesome blog I follow should be featured this weekend I stumbled upon  …


Who’s Your Daschund. I KNOW, right?

These people are my Internet soulmates. They’re a group of 10 daschund owners from around the word who write about, well, being daschund owners.

They write about the trials and tribulations and rewards and warm fuzzies of owning miniature weiner dogs. Collectively they have 16 dogs and while their stories are great — at least they made this girl chuckle — the photographs they post are freaking adorable and totally the best part.

Having these photos appear on my computer screen is like a pile of white powder sitting in front of a crack addict, let me tell you.

I sat and drooled over the doggies in the photos the way a middle-aged, ovulating woman feeling the internal clock ticking down oogles photos of babies. Seriously. It was almost pathetic. But look at those big eyes. The floppy ears. The stubby little legs. The snouts. THE SNOUTS, for Pete’s sake.

Oh, man. Maybe, someday, when I have Earnie they’ll let me join the club. And if you don’t know who Earnie is yet, obviously we’re not friends.

Also, I realize it’s not Saturday, but I figured Who’s Your Daschund deserved an immediate shout out. Immediate.


  1. and here I thought you were just channeling The Pioneer Woman!

  2. Haha. Nope! The problem is that I read SO MANY good blogs … I need to just start going through their many merits one at a time. 🙂

    But PW? Seriously? You need to go try some of that woman’s recipes, like, yesterday.

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