Posted by: Kristy | May 1, 2009

I need 100 ccs of coffee, stat

I can’t believe it.

Tonight’s the night. I’ve been waiting so long.

I get to sleep in my own bed tonight.

After a week of travel with only one night at my apartment I’m looking forward to it. (As much as I really do enjoy hotel beds and bonding with friends’ couches.)

Not that I had anything close to a poor week. It was a pretty hardcore excellent week with only about a bazillion blessings, much success and quite a bit of fun thrown in.

Except I wonder if my frog is still alive since the last time I fed him was Tuesday. On second thought, I’m sure he’s fine, but he may have given in and eaten his fishbowl mate in the interim. Poor Phillipe 2.0!

Four days in Dallas at a conference

Five flights traipsing through Chicago, St. Louis, Little Rock, Detroit and Dallas

One day at home enrolling students

One day in Cincinnati

One day and two nights in Columbus

One job fair, one high school visit, 15 salon visits …

… equals seven days and many, many opportunities filled with fantastic relationship building.

I’ll give up my own bed for that. 🙂


  1. Missed you! Write more soon!

  2. wow. i don’t know how you do all that! so for the reschedule, what do you think about the 15th or 16th?

  3. Hey… I just saw that you left a comment on my blog. Thanks!

    I always like to know… who is this? How did you find my site?

  4. Oh my gosh… it is so great to hear from you! How have you been?!?

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