Posted by: Kristy | April 9, 2009

There’s a reason I don’t fish. Phish. Whatev.

Back when I was an eager young college newspaper features editor, still wet behind the ears and full of idealism, I wrote a Valentine’s Day article on the benefits and pitfalls of college students using online social networking Web sites such as Facebook, MySpace — even traditional online dating sites — to find significant others. Or just for a booty call.

As part of my research I made an online dating profile at and went to town. This? Was an adventure. It resulted in an interesting telephone interview with a very sweet man, a few messages telling me to jump off a bridge — or something to that effect — when mentioned I happened to be writing about this whole dealeo, and the realization that I am a traditional, traditional girl who, albeit unfairly, tends to laugh a little at online dating in general.

Which brings me to the message I received this morning on Facebook.

“you are so beautiful girl and have so beautiful eyes hope we can be freinds

Now, this sounds like I’m just being mean. It’s a very sweet message.

From the creepy looking man who I do not know from Adam.

Whose only information available to me when I looked at his profile is that he’s single, a year older than I, interested in women and looking for dating or a relationship.


Yes. I would LOVE to be freinds with you, creepy man whose name I can’t begin to pronounce. Please learn how to spell friends and maybe I’ll consider it.

Since when did being on Facebook become synonymous with people friending you like it’s eHarmony? Just wondering.

I’m not being harsh, today’s just an ornery day. And it’s not even noon.


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