Posted by: Kristy | April 4, 2009

Sweet dreams totally are made of this

Last night I had a dream that sat next to David Lyons on a flight to some place in Australia (first class, of course), where I was going to some sort of media conference. By the end we were BFFs, knew each other’s life stories and ended up sharing a very romantic evening filled with much laughter and wine and a bit of canoodling next to some sort of river. Under a full moon. Lovely.

Probably a fall out from all that “ER” I’ve been watching lately. That show’s like a drug!

It had to be a dream because I 1) am not going to Australia any time soon, 2) am not attending any journalism conferences soon and 3) was much, much sexier in the dream than I am in real life. Very Hepburn-esque, complete with little black dress and wide-eyed coyness. I am not a sexy girl (at least not in my estimation). I am more of what you call “cute” (the nice way of saying girl-next-door).

He, on the other hand, was just as beautiful in the dream as he is on my television screen and, I’m sure, is in person. And incredibly charming. With that spine-melting accent.

But then I woke up, damn it.

However, David, when you read this I will be happy to find an airport with flights departing for a romantic river in your homeland. Name the place. I’m getting in the car now. Meet you there. Call me!



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