Posted by: Kristy | April 4, 2009

Saddle up! Here comes one heck of a ride.

A new feature’s comin’ to this here blog, startin’ today.

Shout-Out Saturdays will spotlight a rockin’ blog upon which I have stumbled and, therein, had my mind blown.

I can think of no better blog with which to debut Shout-Out Saturdays than my recent addiction: the zany, adventurous, hilarious life of The Pioneer Woman.

Ree Drummond and her blog are about as easy to stay away from as the chocolate donut sitting on the corner of your desk while you’re trying to diet. (Which is to say, about impossible.)This woman’s site has consumed hours of my time normally allotted to sleeping. There is so much through which to navigate and in which to become completely absorbed.

This mother of four children — who she affectionately calls her punks — is a mother, teacher, wife, writer, chef, photographer and about a zillion other things … all of which she tackles daily on her family’s cattle ranch in Oklahoma.

From her children’s exploits to photography tips, delectable recipes (her BBQ meatballs are on my menu for Sunday dinner tomorrow … we’ll see if I can recreate them), home remodeling thoughts and tips to serving up a healthy dose of laughter and wry irony found in ranch life, Ree’s site is anything but dull.

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts is her chronicle of her courtship and marriage to her hell-of-a-man rancher husband, dubbed Marlboro Man — and how she traded in her life as a bona fide city girl to live with two cows taking up residence on her front porch. Part sitcom, part introspective memoir and a large part good, old-fashioned romance novel, this couple’s story is intriguing and funny and a tad sad. My only complaint is that I’ve reached the most current installment and have to wait for her to relay the next chapter.

So, welcome to Shout-Out Saturdays. It should be fun. If you know of any good sites that deserve recognition, send me their way.

Now go lurk on Ree’s blog. Just be careful, you could get hooked.


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