Posted by: Kristy | April 1, 2009

So happy I could ‘melt’


Ironic in that I just yesterday made mention of the most amazing show on Broadway right now — and hours later found out it is coming on tour to a city near you. Or, at least, a city near me. This one. In which I live.

“Wicked” will spend three weeks here a year from now.



This is big news, y’all. At least it is for silly girls such as myself who think it ranks up with “Phantom” at the top of my Best Musicals of All Time list, for “Shizzle.” (Dear Old Shiz, get it? Get it? Heh.)

My excitement and energy was defying gravity this afternoon. ‘Cuz I may not be a lot of things but when it comes to “Wicked” I am that girl.

Haha. I’m so punny! OK, OK, I’ll stop. It’s late, cut me a break. 🙂 But just know that a year a is a LONG time, people. It’s gonna be rockin’.



Also, Idina Menzel is gorgeous. And talented. And did I mention beautiful? I don’t care how talented both Elphabas I’ve heard to this point were, nor how great the next one will be, I would pay hardcore money to see this woman reprise the role she made iconic. For serious.


  1. I want to see that musical SOOOOOO badly! I’ll have to see if it’s coming my way. I hope so!!!

  2. Update: it is coming!!!!! YAY!

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