Posted by: Kristy | March 30, 2009

Hair. Hot men. More hair. Oh, and Anthony Mascolo.

I’ll admit, there was more than a little shock and awe yesterday. One student cried. Another had the chance to appear on stage. We all became swept up in the energy and excitement of our industry and came home exhausted, slightly poorer and very encouraged.

This weekend the entire school traveled to Chicago to participate in the America’s Beauty Show — seven students, three friends, seven administrators and some family.

Our students eating up their first hair show.

Our students eating up their first hair show.

We spent a lot of time at the TiGi booth, in the trade show portion.


Our cosmetics expert, Jeff, a make up artist with TiGi, demonstrated on stage in the morning.



He focused on opening up the eyes with a disconnection technique, while two stylists demonstrated their interpretations of BedHead techniques and a color technician showed a BedHead color technique. We then had a chance to tour the backstage prep area. It’s all about who you know, right?

While backstage, two of our students had the chance to volunteer to be a hair model later in the day, if needed, and Anjillian was chosen to be on the TiGi platform in the afternoon — very exciting!


She received a cut and color based off the BedHead Remix “Claire.” The cut was designed by Zak Mascolo and the colour by Sarah Brookes. It has a close-cropped underneath style with disconnection. The colour is a very light blonde.


While she was working, the rest of us explored the seeming miles of trade show booths and platform demonstrations before making our way to the “Image in Motion” show put on by TiGi on The Runway at ABS. This was perhaps the thing many of us were most looking forward — to see the creativity TiGi puts into a show and see in action that which they have been learning.

Oh, yeah, and did I mention Anthony Mascolo was demonstrating? A multiple-time British Hair Dresser of the Year winner, creative mastermind, photographer and one of the founders of our company (so really one of the reasons all of us ended up in this industry, literally), Anthony first demonstrated one of his newest techniques, graffiti hair. His wife, Pat, completed the makeup for the model.



The show itself was awesome, just the sheer energy and lights and color and the beautiful hair on very, very beautiful women.


The B for Men presentation was amazing for all the women in the audience (and some of the men, I’m sure). Because who can resist boys in suits? Too yummy, for sure. The really amazing — as in breathtaking — segment was when one of the models performed a Cirque de Solei-type routine using two ribbon-type ropes and performing various ballet and gymnastics elements. It was astounding.

One of the students used Graffiti Hair as the inspiration for her recent adv-ant garde project and kept talking about how she could not wait to meet Anthony Mascolo. I kept telling her that she was going to see him but probably not meet him.

I stand corrected.

As a few of us were leaving “Image in Motion” we passed one of the backstage doors as it opened and out came Anthony and Pat. We were able to say hello and get a photograph but didn’t want to impose too much.

Still … the students couldn’t stop smiling.

Amanda, Karissa, Kristin and Pat and Anthony Mascolo

Amanda, Karissa, Kristin and Pat and Anthony Mascolo

Listening to students this morning in class, the show did its job — there was enough inspiration and energy to carry them through the next few months of classes.

Rock. On.


  1. wow! that sounds way cool. i’m jealous. my weekend was pretty boring in comparison. hey woman, update me. how was dinner?

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