Posted by: Kristy | March 30, 2009

I pray for something like this

A couple in England recently celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary, as reported in The Telegraph.

Wally and Pete Postings wed March 27, 1929.

That’s a long stinking time ago!

I really enjoy how he’s describing characteristics that help make a strong marriage and her answer was, “I just love him and that’s it.”

Break out the tissues, girls.

After two world wars, five monarchs and 19 prime ministers, let alone the turbulance and stresses of every day life and raising a family, the couple are still sighted holding hands and talking in the lounge of the residential lounge where they now live.

They are Britain’s second-longest married couple. If they make it to 80 years and 201 days they will set the new record. Guinness aside, 80 years is a monumental achievement. How is it so many couples can’t make it a few years? Or even to the alter at all?

I would love to interview this couple, hear their stories. Bet they have some doozies.

Cheers, Wally and Pete.



  1. they look so happy! i love stories like that! (btw, if Mike and I want to reach the same milestone, I’ll need to live to be 102 and he will have to be 104. sheesh.)

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