Posted by: Kristy | March 20, 2009

My DVD player might explode with excitement

Saturday’s release of THIS on DVD …


… should hold me over until the release of THIS next fall.


Go ahead. Take a minute.


Anyone want to make a date with me NOW for Nov. 20?


  1. yesyesyesyesyes! drooling over here. literally. and yes, let’s go see it again. we could rent it, but i think we’d have to camp out. or we could go to the cheapo theaters. your pick. datewise, let me see. how does tomorrow work? or the next saturday? i’m good either way.

  2. okay good. so judging by text silence you didn’t see my previous comment yet. i say good because i’ve been sick and drugged all day and i forgot to check back to see if you did want to go today. i didn’t want to stand you up. glad i didn’t. so anytime you want i’m good, except the first weekend in april.

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