Posted by: Kristy | March 15, 2009

My bank account hates me. Or will come Monday.

About three things I’m not absolutely positive, but pretty damn sure.

First, I love shoes.

Second, there is a part of my feet — the very expensive and classy part, though I’m not sure how potent that part may be — that thirsts for the soft, suptle Italian leather and gorgeous craftsmanship of a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps.

Third, I am ridiculously and undeniably much too cheap frugal to ever purchase a pair of these delicious shoes for myself.*

Bearing these thoughts in mind, please join me in finding the irony behind this e-mail I received today:

Hi Kristin,
Congratulations on winning this item! The next step is to pay the seller. Check out and pay with PayPal to get your item within 6-7 days.

Designer Jimmy Choo Black Satin Shoes Size 7 (Euro 37)

That’s right, my friends.

I bought a pair of my coveted shoes. Black slingbacks with pointy toes and an adorable crystal embellishment near the toe. They’re running the risk of being a half size too big, but we’ll deal with it. According to the photographs and description (we’ll see how accurate) they’re new, having been received as a gift and are too small for the recipient.

And since I purchased them on eBay I got them for a fraction of a price at which they would retail. Rock. On.

That is indeed the most ridiculous purchase I have made on eBay to date (since the only other two were a new cell phone and a copy of InDesign).  I’ll post photographs when they are safely on my feet, looking beautiful.

So I can now update that little section in “The Scoop.”

* Come on, someone give me props for that intro. Anyone?



  1. you’re right, it’s a dang good intro. also, i’m coveting the shoes already. seriously. mouth.watering. can’t wait to see em!

  2. […] Jimmy Choo pumps were supposed to arrive from New York yetserday. They were shipped 2-day […]

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