Posted by: Kristy | March 14, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure, and don’t forget the stilettoes

“I’ll return with many adventures to share.”

I made this promise on Sunday, with a hint of sarcasm and laughter, prior to departing for Tennessee early Monday morning.

Little did I know that Tuesday night I would be sending the same person the following text:

“So, you know that adventure I predicted we’d have? It’s happening, in the form of a broken-down car in the Middle of We Don’t Know Where, Tenn. I’m hiking to Subway. In the dark. In heels. In the mountains. Rock. On.”

If nothing else, the situation provided an amazing glimpse of how God loves and cares for his own. We were driving on I-75 North heading toward Cincinnati, somewhere between Pigeon Forge, Tenn., and Knoxville, Tenn., in the pitch black with nothing but traffic lights breaking up the mountains, and the occassional exit sign. All the sudden Kara yelped and pointed to her dashboard, where a large exlamation point with a wavey circle around it was flashing at us in warning.

I flipped open the owner’s manual to discover that light warned about problems with the automatic transaxle. The automatic transwhatdidchacallit?

After nearly 5 minutes we saw a beautiful sight — a brightly lit Shell gas station beckoning us from the mountain’s edge. We could have been stuck on the side of the road at night with semi trailers blaring past us … but God provided a safe, well-lit gas station that had the items we needed to purchase to fix the car.

So we thought. Until 40 minutes, 3 bottles of transmission fluid, four telephone calls to Kara’s father and three creepy stops from shirtless, gap-toothed, ball-capped men who offered to “help” us, we discovered the large leakage coming from beneath the car had only grown with the transmission fluid we so non-helpfully added.


By this time it’s close to 9 p.m. and the first auto shop we called (we picked it because it had “transmission” in the name so we figured it was a good bet) sent his tow truck so we wouldn’t have to call AAA and even gave us a ride to the hotel … that happened to be across the street and had vacancies.

Kara's sister and mom got to ride to the hotel in our car, on the bed of the tow truck. The adventure continues. :-)

Kara's sister and mom got to ride to the hotel in our car, on the bed of the tow truck. The adventure continues. 🙂

Check out those blessings! Our buddy Eric from Lowe’s Tows picked us up, we had a place to stay and the only problem was that we had to walk a quarter-mile to get dinner. Yay, God.

The only other problem? The car wasn’t going to be ready until Friday so we had to get a rental car to drive home. It wasn’t until we were down the road Kara and I realized we forgot our winter coats in her trunk, so spoiled were we by the lovely spring weather down south.

It’s not the coat I miss so much as the pocket attached to my coat. The one that has my apartment keys in it. You know, so I can actually go in my home when I get home.

Yeah. Oops.


  1. yikes. that’s quite an adventure. i’m glad you’re safe though. i guess it could have been worse.

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