Posted by: Kristy | March 9, 2009

Try not to let your jealousy overcome you

So this is what I got to gaze upon for a good portion of today.

I love the Smoky Mountains. Being back in Gatlinburg, even for two days, is so fun for me!

I love the Smoky Mountains. Being back in Gatlinburg, even for two days, is so fun for me! And I get to come back in June. Oh, happiness. 🙂

I came down to Gatlinburg, Tenn., with Kara, her mom and her sister to meet with caterers, florists and in general assist and support in making decisions and plans for her upcoming June wedding.

I love roadtripping. I really love roadtripping with great friends. I especially love using roadtrip as a verb. 😉 (It’s kind of like thesising … *crickets* aaaaand I only know one other person who would find that remotely humorous.)

We have been having one adventure after the other, and each mishap or event was punctuated with more and more giggles until by 7:30 p.m. (more than 12 hours after our little escapade began) we were too overcome by sleep deprivation and hunger to do anything but smile wanly at each other and scarf Cracker Barrel biscuits. That ham-and-cream-cheese sandwich at noon in the car didn’t last as long as I thought .. guess driving for seven freaking hours after getting up before the sun even considered making an appearance burns more calories than you would expect. AND I was uber productive for my real-person job today, too. Man, give me a pair of knee-high boots and a cape and call me Super Girl.

Oh, did I mention it was 77 degrees and sunny here today? Yeah, because it was. In MARCH. Sorry, Ohio. I just may not come home. 😉



  1. That looks fantastic. I want to be in the smokey mountains!

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