Posted by: Kristy | March 5, 2009


His intense interest in social networking mediums could appear adorable if it wasn’t so necessary.

One of our company managers recently became obsessively intrigued with the marketing opportunities available via Facebook, staying up until the wee hours of the morning three days in a row researching social actions and click-through rates and paying per impression rather than per click. So when he came to me for a crash-course tutorial in all things Facebook, I gave a cheer of victory — no longer was one of the elder generation looking at me quizzically asking, “What is the big deal? Why would someone want to interact like that?”

Finally, we’re bridging the gap between forging superficial means of relating with others in attempts to achieve instant, streaming connectivity and actual productivity. A article published today looks at the escalating battle between Facebook and Twitter — striving to be more streamlined, more instantaneous, more comprehensive — and how to apply each from a business perspective.

This is just something we began implementing at the Academy and I’m still playing around with it. My perspective is similar to that of Dan Hart, with MTV Digital, when he said despite the greater flexibility of Facebook’s newly designed updates, Twitter’s value remains intact. My struggle now is determining the best use of each medium to reach the optimal audience for our business. But at least my boss wants me to try. And that is a huge part of the battle.


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