Posted by: Kristy | March 3, 2009

Logic runs deep in our family

After breakfast with my grandma today I stole the bill (because that’s so fun to do now that I can afford it) and we got into the “No, let ME pay” scuffle we both love. In her quest to shove a $20 in my purse (that I insisted was going to make the server an awesome tip so she better just put it away), this tumbled out of her mouth in exhaspiration:

“Sweetheart, you HAVE to let me pay. You have to because you’re poor and I’m old.”

Excuse me, huh?

Oh, I love her. Love, love, love her.


  1. Why does our family believe this to be a fun game?! Why? Is it fun? I mean…. I can’t not do it, but why?!

  2. hehe…. sounds like something my grandma would say!

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