Posted by: Kristy | February 22, 2009

Because I’m cool like that

Through a number of unimporant events* I recieved this e-mail today:

Hi, Irishgal84 (Irishgal84).

Jen Lancaster (altgeldshrugged) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out Jen Lancaster’s profile here:

Yep, Jen and I are now Twitter buddies. (I say that like I’m the only person on her following and friends list.) Yet even more proof we’re destined to be wine-swilling (Chardonnay in her case, Reisling in mine), snarktastic, shoe-loving BFFs. For serious.

I’m enough of a fan that it caused me no small amount of excitement, believe me. Pathetic? Or just uber cool? I’ll let you decide.

* And by unimportant I mean that I stalk her blog, saw that she is Twittering and asked for friends, so of course I had to oblige and start following. Whatev.


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