Posted by: Kristy | February 19, 2009

Money, money, muh-ney

Just a brief aside, this is how much God rocks:

We may have found another alternative source of fianancing for our students.

Let me say that again … We might be able to get people money to come to school. This is huge, people!

One of the greatest challenges we have been facing here at the Academy is the automatic 2-year accredidation period every new school must undergo before we are able to accept and use federal funds (such as a FAFSA). Seeing as how we opened six weeks ago, we’re a little short of that 2-year mark.

We have been using some different means of financing, but this just helps even more! And this has been something Karen, Bob and I have been praying about pretty hardcore. This is just a reminder that there’s really no need to stress. In my 25 years how many times has my god failed me? Oh, yeah, that’s right … ZERO. So there’s nothin’ saying he’s planning on starting now, lol.


  1. This deserves a: BLAM!

    Congrats girly.

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