Posted by: Kristy | February 16, 2009

Shopping? Lunch? Literature? Yes, please.

So, Madeleine Wickham is beautiful.


Madeleine Wickham (alias, Shophie Kinsella) as published in the New York Times.

Madeleine Wickham (alias, Shophie Kinsella) as published in the New York Times.


She also is the brilliance behind one of the most lovable heroines in chick lit, Becky Bloomwood. (I still heart you, Bridget Jones.)

The above photo was published with an article written in the NY Times (please give me a minute while my heart stops racing and my swooning passes — the Times is my mother ship) about the impact of the release of the new movie, “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” The film, adapted from Kinsella’s book of the same title (and resulting series), follows a young woman obsessed with fashion — what woman doesn’t like pretty things? — to the point of detriment, and the ensuing hilarity. What I love about Becky is there are so many aspects of her with which I can relate. Her affinity for shoes. Her desire to fall in love … even if it’s just with the perfect handbag. Her intense loyalty to her family and friends … including her friends Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton.

And Kinsella just has that sharp British wit. Her writing, in short, makes me smile. I enjoyed this article because it’s the type of  arts and fashion journalism I eat up (and endeavor to write). It also made me want Sophie (Madeleine, whatever) to be MY best shopping girlfriend. David Colman better know how lucky he is!

* As an added bonus, he included some comments from Jen Lancaster, another of my favorite authors — self deprecating and full of biting wit? What’s not to love. 🙂 She is the author with whom during my entire interview with her when “Such a Pretty Fat” came out I bordered on gushing. I hung up and felt like an idiot … who just got to interview JEN LANCASTER! … and I had her cell number! We’re destined to be BFFs. Me, her and Sophie. Watch out, Madison Avenue!


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