Posted by: Kristy | February 7, 2009

Like an early Valentine’s Day present … from nature.

It was almost a fantasy. But I enjoyed every minute.

I know that the pseudo-warm weather will dissipate in a day or so, and the sun only peeked out to taunt me, but today was non-wintery enough to make me smile a little wider and feel quite a bit lighter inside. I even donned extra layers, grabbed a book and hiked approximately a mile to a nearby coffee shop and pretended it was the end of March.

The melting snow even made me think I might have the delight of falling asleep to a rain storm tonight. But, then again, it’s February, so probably not.

But it was a nice vaca from winter. 🙂



  1. warm weather is the best!!!

    especially if you live near the beach like I do. 🙂

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