Posted by: Kristy | February 4, 2009

Chris Columbus is spinning in his grave*

There are people who still believe the earth is flat.

Such believers — and, according the the Flat Earth Society Web site, non-believers — subscribe to the theory that the earth is not round, as established centuries ago.

I discovered this phenomenon during my Google News time when I stumbled upon an article from the Washington Post Web site posted this morning that quoted a man declaring he believes historical evidence is contrary to the idea that the Holocaust happened.

My initial reaction to both topics included a short-but-incredulous chuckle and a, “What the hell?”

Then I read the rest of the article, in which British Bishop Richard Williamson is quoted saying historical evidence is hugely against the notion that 6 million Jews were destroyed on the whim of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, as statement he made on Swedish TV.

“I believe there were no gas chambers,” said Williamson, a Roman Catholic bishop for whom Pope Benedict XVI recently lifted an excommunication ruling.

Apparently, the cleric went on to say he believes Jews were detained in concentration camps, but not gassed.


He since apologized for his statements.

The opinion piece is written by a New York City attorney whose parents survived Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz, though their first spouses and members of their family were killed in gas chambers, according to his biography tag.

The fact that people believe either of these theories blows my mind.

Of course, the fact I believe my eternal destiny is directly related to the death of a man centuries ago and that a force I cannot see, touch or speak with plays a significant role in how I live my every day life baffles some people, as well.

 * And I’m sure if I told The Ex, the geographer, he would have a conniption. In that ernest, “What the hell’s the matter with people!” tone that always makes me laugh.


  1. “There are people who still believe the earth is flat”
    Have read Gilbert, Bauer, Lengyel and many other books by authorised historians/”eyewitnesses” etc. The “established” number by all is about 6 million. Gilbert “documents” numbers, places etc.
    Several years ago the number of 4 million exterminations at Auschwitz was REDUCED by 2.500,000 but “flat-earthers” still retain the overall total of 6 million. (4 minus 2 1/2) + 2 = 6 !!!
    There are numerous questionable “facts” regarding this issue. “Eyewitness” Olga Lengyel, and others, claim that bodies were cremated in 30 minutes in crematoriums that operated NONSTOP 24 hours per day, week after week.

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