Posted by: Kristy | February 3, 2009

Yet another way to tell the economy is down

So, the Ohio State Highway Patrol must be hurtin’ for the dollars. In the span of my 40-minute commute this morning I saw 5 — count them, FIVE — OSHP cars sitting on I-75 to catch hardened criminals of the speeding variety.

One of whom was almost me at least three four of the times. OK, all five times. They should have pulled me over all five times. But they didn’t. Whew.

I would say thank God for cruise control except I still can’t seem to get past setting it at 80 mph. It’s just a comfortable speed. Albeit illegal, so I guess I should chill or be prepared for my luck to run out the sixth time I see one of Ohio’s finest on the interstate.

Consider me chilled.



  1. i don’t know, it was pretty darn good. the best episode in a long time for sure. although you’re right, weight loss is still my favorite.

    you’ve got a deal. or maybe i’ll have you over for movie night at my house or something….. the economy is down, after all. 🙂

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