Posted by: Kristy | January 23, 2009

Not to get all idealistic or such, but I’m going to.

So this week I had a conversation with my boss regarding the marketing proposal I put together for the upcoming year after lots of meetings with ad executives.

I made the comment that many of the local newspaper special sections in which I think we should run an ad, coupon, or such would also be a great place where we would actually be newsworthy. I said I hope that building a good relationship would give me more leverage to volley for some publicity when appropriate. However, I will never be one of those marketing girls who use advertising dollars as collateral for a new story. Never. Ever. In a million years.

I have been the journalist who was hounded by an ad exec for a story so a client will continue buying. I know how aggrivating it is, and how it makes you not really want to help them out. So when a legitimate story comes along you do it grudgingly, because it’s news so you have to do it but you don’t really want to give this particular company publicity because they are pains! Yeah, I won’t do that.

Now, I understand business. I’m learning more about business every day. But I will not betray the integrity of my first love, or the position I now find myself.

His comment? “Well, just don’t forget that you’re on the other side now. I’ve seen many, many times where a story about an advertiser runs in the same place as an ad. Remember to do your job.”

Oh, I’ll do my job. No fears, there.

But I WILL remember my roots.

Someone tell me if I’m wrong.

I guess you have to have been there to really get it. Sigh.

Also, on a completely separate note …

Yesterday, on my freaking birthday, one of my friends accused me of plagarism. Plagarism! It’s like, “Happy birthday, let me insult you.” Does my name look like it’s spelled “Stephen Glass” or “Jayson Blair”? Last time I checked, I didn’t have a novel  classified under “fiction.” Ooooh, I know he was teasing but it made me mad! 🙂 Go ahead, laugh. Silly, Kristin.



  1. I’m with you. You have to stay honest and aboveground. Idealists, unite!

  2. Hold fast, girl! I totally understand being hounded by the ad execs… here I am, 6 years later and it still annoys me.

    I’m frustrated for you about the plagiarism remark, even if it was in jest. I take that stuff so personally, too. Tell that guy he better watch out or I’ll hunt him down. 😉

  3. I think it’s good that you stick to your roots… stay true… regardless of the cost. Idealism is good… Jesus worked by it 🙂

    I really was joking about the plagarism… really and truly…

    hunt me down, huh??? ;):D

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