Posted by: Kristy | January 20, 2009

Neither skeptical nor taken in by charisma. Just waiting to see.

I spoke with people prior to today’s inauguration who said they weren’t interested in watching.

Ummm, hello! First of all, despite your politics, it’s history. How could you NOT watch? Besides, you have to see what promises are made so throughout the next four years we can all come together an hold the administration accountable — if not the American public as a whole, than at least the media. You have to do that with everyone; it doesn’t matter who it is or for whom you voted. The decision is made — let’s support the new administration while not being afraid to question and challenge and probe.

I enjoyed hearing what our new president had to say. He is so ridiculously charismatic, you have to really pay attention to find the meat in what he says next to the emotional, hyped-up fluff.

Here are some of the things I heard in listening to President Obama’s address (via streaming video, sitting in my lovely office … sweet!):

* America needs to remain faithful to the ideals of our founders and remain true to our founding documents. So let’s see if he does that.

* The American society, overall, has a lack of confidence in our country and our future, as well as a fear that our decline is inevitable. I agree with that statement, based on conversations I’ve had with people in all walks of and positions in life during the past months. I think our new president’s outward appearance and action, at least, definitely inspires confidence. I can’t wait to see if his actions inspire confidence, too.

* “The challenges we face are real; they are serious and they are many,” Obama said. “They will be met.” Awesome. I hope so. The question, again, is how? This man has the chance to make healthy change. Necessary change. Not everyone is going to agree with every change … but I hope everything is done with the common good in mind and not just to further one side’s agenda.

When he says that all deserve the chance to pursue their full measure of happiness, I agree, but I hope it’s not at the expense of others’ opportunity to pursue their full measure.

* He said, in quoting the Bible, that the time has come to set aside childish things. That very well maybe … but it applies to everyone. That means childish ideals that we all deserve handouts from each other. Petty bickering. Immature and selfish thinking that we don’t need to help each other. America needs to grow up and find ways of working together to meet in the middle.

One aspect I really enjoyed was watching him speak and work the crowds during the inaugural balls. A thought that struck me when he was teasing members of the military from Illinois about if they’re Cubs or White Sox fans is that really, Barack Obama is just a man. He is not the messiah. He is not the anti-Christ. He is not the country’s saving grace. He is just a man, and a husband and a father, who is going to do the best he can with our country. I’m going to choose to firmly believe that until I see proof otherwise.

Let’s set aside the past and look forward, seeing what it brings us.


  1. Wow. It’s like you read my Facebook note I wrote on Tuesday and plagarized. Shame shame SHAME on you!!!!!!! I’m just kidding really… but they are strikingly similar in form 🙂

    Great minds think alike you know… 😉

    And I agree with you 100% on this.

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