Posted by: Kristy | January 15, 2009

Maybe Christ will come back and spit in the dirt for me

This is a paraphrased version of the conversation I had with my optometrist this morning:

Me: “So, I haven’t been to the eye doctor since I graduated from college almost three years ago.”

Dr. Kopan: “Ok, well, glad to see you again, let’s take a look.”

*Performs exam*

Dr. Kopan: “You’re still blind as a bat and, good news, your prescription’s changed! We have to make your contacts stronger and give you Coke-bottle glasses! Where’s your checkbook?”

OK, so that’s not exactly how it went down. He said my eyes are fine (since being incredibly near-sighted translates to fine) but my prescription just needed tweaked. Everything looks good. Except it would be great if I updated my glasses, brought the lenses up to speed as well as my contacts. And I agree. I would love to update my glasses since seeing is, you know, something I enjoy having as a natural part of life.

Especially since I have somewhere in the $150 to $200 ballpark reserve just sitting in my bank account earmarked for “new lenses but I get to keep my super cute frames that make me look like a writer.”

Sigh. Let the saving commence.



  1. You have some of the craziest titles to your blog, and I love everyone cause they make me smile.

    You know I don’t think Christ will come back and spit in the dirt for you, but then again he might?

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