Posted by: Kristy | January 10, 2009

Maybe I’m just a wimp

I’ve been making a peculiar face a lot lately. It’s that eyebrows-cocked, wide-eyed, disgusted and incredulous curled lip look spurred lately by the trailer for a new movie set for release soon.

“My Bloody Valentine 3-D.”

I’ve seen the trailer in the theater twice in the past two weeks, and many, many times on TV. What gets me is not the film’s premise — I know there are many people who enjoy scary movies. But this movie doesn’t look scary. Just gory in a sick way.

The part that elicits The Look from me is that this conglomeration of scenes of scantily clothed women running around with their boyfriends as a gas-mask-wearing murderer ice picks them apart is being billed as the perfect date movie.

The perfect date movie?

Maybe if you don’t want to have a next date. At least, a next date with me.

I’m all for some thrills and jump scenes, but I’d rather not spend 90 minutes with my eyes screwed shut and my face buried in my date’s shoulder trying not to shriek. Yeah, that’s right. Because I’m THAT girl in the row in front of you who you kind of want to be the psycho killer’s next victim

Gah, I would have nightmares for a week!

Now “Twilight,” on the other hand? Would work just fine. 😉



  1. WOW I was thinking the same thing after seeing the previews. Well for the most part, I doubt I’d be burying my head in anybody’s shoulder… hehehehe but seriously, I like a good scary thriller, but these modern horror flicks are nothing more than gore-filled escapades into depraved minds. Seriously, where is a person’s mind when they come up with this garbage? Like Saw, or Hostel (which btw I did watch and was totally not right in my head for a couple days)… this stuff really is degrading. Sadly, people seem to have a sick fascination with glorifying horrific deaths. While it is something that makes you go “hmmm…” it shouldn’t be the focus of attention. These kind of movies are like pornography really… they skip the substance and go straight for the poisonous eye-candy.

    Sign of the times, eh?

  2. Hey, I wouldn’t want to see that movie, either. However they do sell, and so they keep making them. It’s quite sad actually, cause I really don’t see the point. I like going to movies, but those just seem like a waste of money.

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