Posted by: Kristy | January 9, 2009

I didn’t train for this when I was younger

So, I realized that I turn old in two weeks.

I really shouldn’t say that — I’m only going to be 25. Everyone who is older than I would yell at me if they read that. But it seems so … ancient … to me. Gosh. 25. I was just turning 16. Or 18 and going to see “Ocean’s 11” with Carrie. Or 21 and getting stuck in my own driveway in a freaking blizzard and having my friends brave the ice to surprise me.

Seeing as how I never really rebelled, per se, when I was a teen — or even in college, really — I feel the need to put some thought into my quarter-life crisis. So we had some parties at our apartment senior year. I went to less than a handful of frat parties. I was the volunteer DD most of the time so I could laugh at the friends who were trying to walk a straight line.

Rebellion was not the prime word to describe me.

So I think, in two weeks, I’m going to feel the need to do something young and reckless. Well, as young and reckless as logical, level-headed and responsible me can be. I’m thinking of getting my belly button pierced. Or getting a tatoo. Or both. Or … something.

So here’s the deal. I need help! No one ever responds when I ask you to anyway, but I’m going to try it again. (Just for an excuse to use the WordPress poll option, haha.) What should I use as my thin attempt to maintain my youth on Jan. 22?

Yeah, I don’t think I could ACTUALLY get a tattoo. It’s too permanent. But interesting to think about. 🙂


  1. how much money are we talking here, because i for one think that you should go to ireland and meet the man of your dreams with the accent you’re so fond of….. and maybe you need to take along your very levelheaded friend Meg. (for objective analysis of said irishman, of course.)
    okay, so i’m just kidding about that last part, but you should go!

  2. Hmmm. Lol you could fly to Florida… I’ll even do an Irish, Scottish, or Cockney accent while you’re here 🙂

    As for the tattoos… I’ve thought about getting another one myself… something that promotes Jesus… I dunno… because the issue with tattoos is that they take the focus off of God and onto yourself 🙂

    Same with piercings…

    So why be caught up in such a worldly perception? Being a Christian already makes you a rebel.

    Just be yourself. It seems to work well.

    I’m gonna be 32 this year… and so far I don’t mind getting older one bit. Maybe it’s a guy thing…

  3. 25 is not that old, but if you want to have a wild adventure, I would say go for it. I would say that I am not much of a rebellion myself, but I hope one day I can learn to become more adventurous.

  4. ny would be amazing fun. the trouble is i just don’t know if i can afford it. mike and i try to keep to a pretty tight budget. (translation: no fun allowed!) But I agree, we do need to hang out. I think this weekend would be okay for me. How about you?

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