Posted by: Kristy | January 7, 2009

In the hot seat

So, I have a new friend, and we started playing The Question Game via Facebook. For those who are unfamiliar with The Question Game, allow me to enlighten you to its abounding awesomeness.

There are a few variations of The Question Game. In this instance, one person asks five questions, answers them themselves and sends them on. The next person answers those five, writes five more and answers their own questions before sending the response.

In the current game, the last round of questions was kind of fun, so I thought I’d post them to get others in on the game. The questions are bolded before my answers. Feel free to answer all 10 or just a few in a comment. I’d love to see what y’all have to say!

Getting started:
1. What Harry Potter house would you be sorted into? (As long as you not someone who thinks Harry Potter is evil incarnate, lol.) No, Harry Potter is not of the devil. It ranks with Twilight in my top five favorite series. And I think I would be in Hufflepuff because I’m pretty loyal and have an insane work ethic (read: workaholic). Or I’d like to think Gryffindor because it’s where the cool kids hang out. 😉

2. What was your favorite childhood cartoon? Definitely my favorite childhood cartoon was the Rescue Rangers. I had a birthday cake that looked like Gadget, with cupcakes for goggles. I was a nerd even back then!

3. What song do you know so well it gives you inspiration and encouragement every time you hear it? Probably the song that gives me the most inspiration is the title song from “Riverdance,” even though it’s instrumental. I know all of the taps by heart and tap them out with my hand or food when I need a pick me up.

4. Do I like men (or women, for you gentlemen) with accents? Heck. Yes. I pretty much am destined to marry a man with a British or Irish accent. I think they’re the hottest sounding things ever. When I was at gymnastics camp one summer I had a little week-long romance with a BMX biker from England. It was pretty hilarious, but I spent all the time I wasn’t practicing swooning over how he talked.

5. Do you ever want to go back and start life over knowing what you know now? Sometimes I think I would like to go back and apply things I know now to previous decisions and kind of get a do-over for parts of life, but then I probably wouldn’t have learned the same lessons. So it’s a toss-up.

And then continuing:
1. What makes you so emotional you want to either cry or hit something? — For me, right now, it seems like everything makes me cry. Happy things, sad things. I’m just an emotional basket case, and it’s starting to get a little aggrivating! But I tend to get a little weepy when I see something I’ve been waiting for or hoping for or working toward come to pass. It reminds me that in the midst of this world I can still be confident that my God is who he says he is, even if sometimes it seems like what I believe is bull shit. I know that it really isn’t. At ALL.

2. Top 5 guilty pleasure movies:
* Tommy Boy
* Dirty Dancing
* Sex and the City
* Beauty and the Beast
* Robin Hood Men in Tights

3. What are your top male and female children names? Kathleen Devonny (called Katie) and Patrick Luke

4. If you could be at any biblical event, what would it be and why?
This is tough for me because there are a few I think would be super cool. My first one is I would love to be in the tabernacle when the curtain in front of the Holy of Holies ripped in two. I don’t want to see Christ’s death or even the Acsention. No, I want to see that curtain split in half because of the crazy amazing social, spiritual and historical context.

My second choice would to be at Pentacost and visibly see the Holy Spirit. AMAZING!

5. What’s a part of you, physically or personality, that you used to wish could change but now you like?

Physically I used to wish I was taller because everyone always teased me or even went so far as to make fun in a mean way. But now I like that I’m so little because 1) I get to wear cute heels ALL THE TIME, 2) people only tease me because they think it’s cute now and 3) I can date tall guys and short guys so my options are wide open! 🙂

Personality, I used to think I was kind of scary. As in, I’m so excitable and passionate about life in general that I thought I freaked people out and they didn’t like me. When I was in college I learned that, 1) I’m not scary, I’m zealous and 2) people actually like it. They might be intimidated by my energy but it’s in a good way. People respect positive thinking. 🙂

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