Posted by: Kristy | December 27, 2008

A step away from a backseat driver.

What did Santa bring me for Christmas?

A GPS unit. Heehee.

I guess this is what happens when I get lost driving to high school visits four out of four days. And have to call my father multiple times each day trying to figure out where in the world I’m going. (Oak Harbor High School, ahem.)

I love that my daddy loves me enough to want me NOT to get lost.

Even though I still maintain that I don’t get lost. I just have adventures. 🙂

Take THAT, Google Maps.

Thanks, Daddy.

I think the best parts of my Christmases (all three of them) were the sleeping, the laughter, the family and the endless reading-for-fun time. Reading for fun that I shall address in the near future — as soon as I find the self-control to put my book down. Or as soon as I purchase and finish reading “Breaking Dawn.” Three words: I. Am. Hooked.



  1. i’m pretty sure this weekend works for me. what should we do? shopping, perhaps?

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