Posted by: Kristy | December 18, 2008

What’s in a name? I’ll tell you.

People find this blog through all means of random Web search engine searches.

This week alone it’s been hit through “ditzy”, “alpha xi delta sorority” (I guess that one isn’t so strange seeing as how I just wrote about them), “triangle goes in the triangle hole,” “introspection meaning” and the blog’s url, “beautifulinexactly.”

Other fun ones:
beautifulinexactly blog
nonnude kids
christian workaholics
brittney spears in a sauna pics
“kind of a major dork”
zapf chancery joke- don’t get it
“sarah palin” “medical malpractice” (I miss writing about Sarah Palin, anyone else?)
the funnel cake business testimonies

What I find interesting is the number of times people have found this blog using my name.

Not just my first name, or a variation of my name. No, my full name. Spelled correctly. And I didn’t think I had posted my full name on here in any way — not that I’m hiding. I just was surprised.

The really interesting thing, though, is that I’m not available for stalking via or the White Pages or anything. Nope, not to be found anywhere in the telephone book or via a people finder if someone where to want to send me presents or ask me on a date. Or kill me.

But they can get here. To the unending abyss of my thoughts. (It’s a scary, scary place, isn’t it?)

Also, it makes me wonder WHO is searching for the blog using my name. Trust me, I do my fair share of Google stalking*. Of people who I would be mortified to admit to that I Google them. Well, unless we became BFFs and could later laugh about it over Riesling and shrimp scampi. Or after we were married. (Men are the most fun to Google stalk, fyi. It’s a way to release your junior high school nursing-a-crush tendencies without looking like you’re still in junior high. 😉 Besides, you have to make sure a guy’s got a clean record and all before you start mentally planning the wedding … or even just accept a coffee invite.)

I just think it would be interesting to see who was that intrigued by me they wanted to find out what I had to say. Probably a bit flattering. Maybe a little creepy.

I’ll probably never know.

* I prefer to call it being investigative and resourceful. And nosey. 😉


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