Posted by: Kristy | December 16, 2008

Where’s my Mensa membership?

I have this hidden, secret vice.

I love logic puzzles.

The kind where you only get so many clues and have to fill in grids about how Sally went on a date with Mr. Smith to the movies, but they didn’t eat at Navy Bistro first; however, Johnny and his date enjoyed some Sonic but they didn’t go for a walk in the park. Ms. Priss, whose first name is not Laura, hates video games. Kristin and Tim had sushi at the Japanese steakhouse before spending the evening playing Guitar Hero 2. What was each couple’s first and last names, where did they eat and what activity did they do?

I know, not all that scandalous … except it further qualifies me as a bona fide nerd.

They drive some people nuts. Not this girl. I have almost this disturbing obsession with them. It’s always lurked in my psyche; I was one of those kids who got all excited when the teacher handed them out in math class. No trig for me, oh no, I got to do a logic puzzle! But I kept it fairly under control. I’d maybe buy a book to do on a plane or something. But it was a tame passtime.

Until last week I discovered a Web site not only filled with these puzzles … but it’s interactive! As in, I can sit for hours, reading clues and checking boxes and figuring out who baked which cookies and what place they won at the county fair. Which is how I came to be sitting at home on a Tuesday, kept in from going to my normal Tuesday night activities or even to the YMCA by snow and ice. I wanted to go to bed around, oh, 9 p.m.-ish since I have the chance so I could be really rested for the crazy full day I have tomorrow. But somehow an extra 90 minutes flew by with no record of where they went. And my eyes are getting heavier and my body is already protesting the little workout I do before bed but still I just have to do two one more puzzle so I can feel satisfied for the night.

I think the draw is that they are word puzzles — aw, isn’t the dorky writer cute — and we all know I love me words. They also are all about the details and reasoning. I? Am all about the details. Most of the time all about the reasoning (I’m a woman, sometimes that is not at the top of the priority list).

But mostly they’re just fun.

Yes, this is what lonely 75-year-olds trapped in a 24-year-old body do for entertainment on winter nights. I will also play Scrabble with you and make you tea and cookies. Before I return to crocheting a large, shapeless something in a rainbow of colors that don’t match. Rock. On.



  1. you’re not alone. i love those things too. i used to get insanely excited about them in school. what’s the website?

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