Posted by: Kristy | December 16, 2008

When did the clock sprout wings?

This conversation occurred between me and an amazingly fun couple to whom I teach ballroom dance at the end of their lesson last night.

Kristin: “So, same time next week? Monday at 6:30?”

Amazingly Fun Couple exchange marital looks.

Amazingly Fun Man: “Welllll, we hate to do this to you, but we’re going to have to take next week off. The next two weeks, actually.”

K: “Oh, no! Is something going on?”

AFM: “Well, with next week being Christmas week we’re going to be too crazy with the kids coming home.”

Amazingly Fun Woman: “And the next Monday’s going to be even worse because of New Year’s.”

AFM: “But we’ll practice at home, promises!”

K: “Well, OK, that makes sense. We’ll just see you in … wait … next week’s Christmas?”

Oh my gosh, next week’s Christmas! Wasn’t I just writing about Thanksgiving? Wasn’t I just so proud of myself because I started my Christmas shopping prior to a week before, a feat that has never once occurred in my 24 years?

And I haven’t made a single Christmas cookie yet!

Better get a move on.



  1. Wow gal, I’m glad there’s someone else who’s organized at my level. Oh well, put on your laughin’ shoes and visit my site I’ve placed a story titled “Claus and the Consultant” on the blog for everyone to enjoy.

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