Posted by: Kristy | December 9, 2008

Round peg. Square hole? Triangle hole? No hole?

If I were a jigsaw puzzle piece, right now I feel like I would be that really important edge piece that goes missing from the box and is separated from its puzzle.

You know, the one with the wonky edge that you think fits in one puzzle really, really well until it’s apparent that something just isn’t right. I had a puzzle, a Lima puzzle. It seemed like I fit there for a while, until the rest of the puzzle started to clash with my piece. Or I started to clash with them. We just started to clash. I kept having to push my piece around, trying to make it fit perfectly, damn it! There was that edge that just wouldn’t sit right and finally I had to move to a different puzzle.

Now I’m in the Findlay/Toledo puzzle and my edge is threatening to cause a juxtaposition there, too. I fit with the other puzzle pieces at first glance, and match the ones toward the middle of the puzzle really well. I might even have a few that make a perfectly fitted patch around me — like my family — but it’s hard to find my spot.

There’s nothing wrong with my piece. It’s pretty. It will help complete the right puzzle’s picture. It has a good shape. It serves a purpose. I’m just no longer sure of the purpose. Am I an edge piece? Am I in the middle? Am I a corner?

I just want to find my puzzle. What does it look like? Who does it include? Sigh.

(I also really want to stop the crying. I’m so emotional and such these days; not the normal, rational girl we all know. That? Is annoying.)


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