Posted by: Kristy | December 5, 2008

I try to be glamorous. It’s all pretend.

So today I went for the change I’ve been talking about for a while — I dyed my hair dark. Like, pretty much back to my natural color dark.

And I love it. I don’t know how, but the really cute mix of violetish red and caramel my stylist and I came up with last spring (we called it PB&J because it reminded us of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich) started fading really badly and I had to start going back more often than I could afford (OK, OK … than I wanted to pay).


Since my head now is a walking billboard for TONI&GUY, in essence, I ended up going to one of our educators and told her “I trust you.” We had fuuuuun. 🙂 Her salon uses TiGi color and all TiGi products and seriously? I feel so cute it’s not even funny. I’m not just saying it because it’s my job; I seriously am starting to swear by TiGi hair products. They make your hair all shiny and soft and … pretty.

Did I mention Ashlee rocks? Because she does.

And then we couldn’t stop with color, so she suggested making some slight changes to my cut … and I ended up with the style I’ve been trying to get for more than a year. No joke. She ended up giving me what I asked for a two Octobers ago when I went for my “break up haircut” from Dan. That time I ended up with super-short, stacked-in-back hair that made me call my mom and cry. (“It’s not my hair … so much …sniff … it’s what my hair represented … sob … and she messed it up!”) This time it’s just swingy and A-line and … pretty.

I feel so hot, lol.

So here’s what it’s been for, gosh, forever.


And here’s the new version.


For funsies, I’m going to start a poll to see if I should keep it this way or go back to PB&J. Give your opinion, if you desire. 🙂



  1. Alternate between the first two. Don’t ever go blonde, you are SO NOT a blonde. Maybe some sharp red streaks sometime or something dangerous, but no pink.

  2. I think I like the darker best though. When I first met you you had really long curly hair, sometime in early 07.

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